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Author: fsmithred
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] Chimaera installation issue (regulatory.db)
On 4/17/22 14:40, al3xu5 via Dng wrote:
> Hi
> This is to report an istallation issue with Chimaera (net install).
> The setup process halted at the beginning asking the "firmware"(???)
> package for 'regulatory.db'.
> After some investigation I found it is related to a wireless-regdb package:

> Maybe this should be handled by the setup program.
> Regards
> al3xu5

That initial question about firmware is a stumbling block for many. Most
people should ignore it and proceed. The installer isos contain firmware
packages and will install them if the hardware needs it.

wireless-regdb_2020.04.29-2_all.deb is in the chimaera netinstall isos.

There are some situations that require adding the firmware from removable
media at the beginning of the install. Certain broadcom wireless devices
require an internet connection to download the actual firmware. The
firmware package in the repo is just an installer.
A laptop without an ethernet port would require the user to supply the
firmware at the beginning of the install, so we can't remove that question.