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Author: grarpamp
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Subject: [unSYSTEM] Any unsystem updates?
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> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J469-vOqoZY 3D-Printed FreeSpeech
> "... the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."
> Biden launches his unconstitutional assault on yet more of American's rights...

Too late, the global Internet has already routed around you
and your authoritarian friends ridiculous restrictions and
enslavement dreams years ago. Their fitting response, 0% FTW...

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1zabSOHd0Ag Come And Take It !!!

Biden's Ghost Gun Rule Is Dead On Arrival Thanks To 0% Receiver


Defense of Freedom... available now...


The FGC-9 MKII uses no original-purpose firearms components and can be
manufactured from components produced using a commercial 3D printer
(costing approximately $170 USD or less), combined with commercially
available metal components such as steel tubing for the barrel and
round bar for the bolt and firing pin.

Fuck Gun Control, Build Your Own Arms, Behold Freedom

Yesterday, President Biden, the Department of Justice, and the ATF
announced the details of their new 364-page rule for the redefinition
of "frame or receiver." In doing so, they have decided to attempt an
illegal rewrite of the 1968 Gun Control Act.

If you've been paying close attention to headlines the past few weeks,
you may have noticed a surge in articles pertaining to "ghost guns."

The corporate media has been setting up Biden for an easy "win" on
guns with this new rule. Likely because of Biden's low poll numbers
headed into the midterms.

Initially announced in April of 2021, almost a full year later, we're
finally able to see what sort of egregious gun control has been put
together for the law-abiding gun owner.

The rule stems from the gun control lobby's obsession with home-built
firearms. The problem here, though, is that to regulate privately made
firearms, or "PMFs" as they're defined in the new rule, the ATF had to
cast an extremely wide legal net.

In the 364-page rule, we can see that the Biden admin intends to ban
"ghost guns" by creating a new class of highly regulated items by
redefining the term "firearm" to include parts and collections of
parts that the ATF now considers to be "readily" convertible into
functional firearms.

The example used in the press conference was a Polymer80 kit, which
quickly sold out of all available models after the announcement of the
rule change.

It's important to note that from what we can tell from the rule change
and the opinion of others in the know, this rule does not ban
possession of firearms made from 80% kits. It also does not mandate
the serialization of those already made firearms or 3D printed items
for personal use. What it does do is require the serialization of 80%
kits that are in possession of Federal Firearms Licensees (also known
as FFLs) and manufacturers. It's interesting because the expected
outcome of this rule, as Biden pitched, was the complete and absolute
ban of "ghost guns" altogether.

The rule also changes and complicates the definition of "frame or
receiver." What was once a simple short definition has changed to
include multiple pages of diagrams, new terms and more. In addition,
the ATF has added new definitions for "unfinished frame or receiver,"
which ATF now considers to be firearms themselves, but only under
certain, unclear conditions.

In addition, ATF has commanded Federal Firearms Licensees to hold 4473
records on-site indefinitely. This small change may go unnoticed by
many, but this is a significant step towards a legitimate registry.
This action shouldn't surprise many gun owners, who already know that
these rule changes are not about saving lives; they're only about the
consolidation of power.

Many in the anti-gun lobby and corporate media class say that these
actions are justified because privately made firearms are
"untraceable." This idea that a trace is some magical crime-solving
tool is a misconception dreamed up by those who have little
understanding of the difference between how legal and illegal firearms
sales occur.

It's not to find the gun when an agent "runs a trace," despite what
images the misleading name might conjure up. Instead, it's to find who
originally bought the firearm and from what dealer. This gun trace
often leads to the fact that many guns are stolen or reported stolen
and then used in crimes. Because of this, the trace ends with the
original buyer who had their firearm stolen. Criminals aren't filling
out 4473 forms and submitting to NICS checks. It's important to note
here that many stolen firearms used in crimes may have their serial
number removed completely, resulting in an "untraceable" gun, even
though those guns wouldn't fall into the "ghost gun" category.

Firearms Policy Coalition had this to say:

    "Far from "clarifying" anything, the rulemaking tortures simple
terms from law into multi-part definitions, with newly injected
sub-terms like "readily" having their own lengthy definitions. This is
clearly an attempt to sidestep Congress, as Biden even indicated in
his remarks today."

Here's the irony of the situation, though. Regardless of how overly
complex it is or how wide a legal net the ATF decides to cast, this
rule change will have little to no effect.

That's because of the 0% Receiver.

In response to the announcement of the Biden Admin's proposed rule
change, Defense Distributed decided to shift its focus to the creation
of 0% receivers.

Cody Wilson of Defense Distributed had this to say about the new rule:

    "The receiver rule is an illegal attempt to rewrite the GCA
outside of Congress. Nevertheless, Ghost Gunner anticipated this
maneuver and is now shipping Zero Percent receivers which perfectly
defeat the rule from day one. Americans will always be able to build
firearms in the privacy of their homes."

This rule change has caused a surge in demand for Defense
Distributed's Ghost Gunner 3. The Ghost Gunner is a small CNC Machine
that users can insert a bar of aluminum, press a button, and after the
machine mills out the metal, have a completely legal, privately made,
non-serialized firearm frame ready to go.

Because all the Ghost Gunner 3 needs is a block of aluminum to produce
the firearm frame, the Biden Admin & ATF would need to regulate blocks
of aluminum to stop people from producing privately made firearms.
While the DOJ may be able to convince a judge that an 80% lower is
likely to be made into a gun, a block of aluminum is a much harder

The same can be said for 3D printing. Are we to assume that PLA
plastic is to be regulated as a firearm?

Because gun control has a hard time passing in the legislative branch
(even with all three branches of government controlled by democrats
currently), the Biden admin has resorted to governing by executive
fiat, using the executive branch to pass new "regulations" using
existing law.

As of right now, the rule change has 120 days to take effect after it
hits the federal register. Many groups such as Gun Owners of America &
Firearms Policy Coalition have already announced their intent to sue
the Federal Government over these new rule changes.

TMGN's Steph and her team analyzed hundreds of pages of the new ghost
gun rule and determined uppers won't be serialized and more...