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Author: psy
To: System undo crew, grarpamp
Subject: Re: [unSYSTEM] MONOPOLY - Who Owns The World

On 22/1/22 14:14, grarpamp wrote:
> https://www.bitchute.com/video/CSxKfvUT673p/ MONOPOLY - Who Owns The World
> un.system

Another year more and, yeeeaaah!, we continue to make good photographs
of the domain base of suffering that surrounds us.

## The Picture:

We still know who our enemies are. We continue to identify that
sometimes, we are our worst enemy and over the years, let's let it be
and become our best friends. That is the next step, when we already know
what happens, look for our friends, allies, social groups,
organizations, squats ... that's our homework now, by 2022.

We must re-unpack of our realities, for the reality imposed on through
the commercial WWW and unite new ties, in other available channels.
Channels, methods, encryption..., created and deployed professionally in
the previous years. We are not lacking tools. It's something else...

There are many fronts, but that should not pose a problem for our
collective mind, they are after all, variables. That is why we must
increase our capacity for processing, without forgetting to keep our
memories. Our memory is better than ever, with the help of the Internet.
Our archive is fascinating...

We must work in action-reaction, in the spontaneous group of grouping,
collective and chaotic creativity, in our capacity for creation, our
surprise factor, but above all, in our ability to create alliances, even
though they are not from all clear the final plans. We live that time of
intellectual and strategic darkness, but we have other places to find us.

It is not about confrontation. There's no enemies. Neither them nor us.
There is no duality. We are all one. We are all, all. As a {insert here
your hacker or not sub-culture,) you just have to learn to hack
{telematics networks, propaganda, direct action, assault places..} with
more level of purity and why not, even love, and later, start to hack
the reality: "without limits, without control, without fear"...

## Hack the Planet!:

We have to gather minds on important issues. We must maintain local
work, our village, but now in an aesthetic way, but based on security.
Again, repeat with me: "We live that time of intellectual and strategic
darkness, but we have other places to find us." And work the global, our
village, but in a greater impact mode. The old manuals still serve, but
the strategies, especially those of the streets, must change. You can
not jump a barrier that climbs high every 6 months, but you train
before. Be prepared, it does not mean living with a shotgun nearby. It
is not needing the shotgun.

We are allies of science. We are allies of mathematics. We are the
interior of the technology we create. Find a simple way to earn a
living, remote if possible, and live your true life here, on the
network, in the environment you know the most, and with people who,
although you do not know, are by your side, with courage, with fear, but
above all, with honor. And I do not speak of any honor. I speak of that
who gets unknown, with different ideas, all lifted at the same time, in
a forest, and move with their rifles to fight for those around him. That
moment, you do not have to include weapons whose industry controls
others, but should include our own. The projects. The software...

That layer also needs to be reviewed. Not so much the software, which we
have enormous diversity, but of projects, platforms. Review habits,
intentions. Check if you compensate what you have for what it costs.
Included environmentally. The photograph of the present suffering is
clear, perhaps, more than ever. And more connected, and more global.
It's time to start creating our own movie. Internet videos, although
they seem dynamic, remain photographs. Reality is a movie. A story. And
any code writer knows, that scripts do not write alone, although
sometimes nothing does not do.

## The stupid idea of the short and simplified concepts of present era
that leave as many people out of interesting realities. Abstraction and
synthesis are useful for rationalists. But they leave out a lot of an
illiterate population, even digitally, from the equation. The speed of
understanding is also from vertigo and exceeds human capacities. Every
time it costs more to bring a novel strategy without having to apply
many previous security methods to be able to carry it out. Time runs
against us. Our planet and our people suffer. That part, I think it is
already perceived more globally. Do not lose sight of her. It's very

Safe spaces, habits, projects, state of your own mind and own body, take
care of friendship, rethink communication and organization, remember...
environment is a noble flag if you don't detect your own..., science
systems should be open as any prision! ... and
(mental)action!..(direct)action!..(proactive)action!..(networking)action! but...
with much more encouragement! ;-)

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