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Author: Bob Proulx
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] Problems with SPF of dyne.org for this mailing list
Andrew McGlashan via Dng wrote:
> Not fixed?
> Did anybody look at this.

Did you send a problem report to the mailing list owner?

There isn't much that us as users and participants of the mailing list
can do about hosting system problems. Although there might be a
subscriber who is active who also might have admin access that usually
isn't the case. Just lucky if there is.

For mailing lists the mailing list owner is the foo-owner address. So
for this mailing list dng it would be dng-owner@??? (which
if obscured will be dng-owner AT lists DOT dyne DOT org in unredacted
form). Please send your problem report to the list admins.