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Author: ael
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] HDA AD1882 no card
On Sun, Jan 09, 2022 at 07:32:13PM +0100, karl@??? wrote:
> I have a lenovo desktop computer which I cannot make sound work
> on, what am I missing ?
> It's a HDA AD1882 "sound card", but alsamixer says "no card".
> alsa-info, kernel config and lenovo doc (see p.80) in:
> http://aspodata.se/tmp/sound/

Nothing obvious that I could see there on a very superficial skim:
but you clearly have alsa seeing the audio devices at some level
which is encouraging.

I would start with
# lspci -k |less

and then identify the Audio and the driver which I think I noticed in
your alsa-info output: probably snd_hda_intel?

Perhaps then
# modinfo snd_hda_intel (or whatver your driver is)

Seems plausible that you may need to adjust some parameters there to
match your hardware. But you have an old lenova which surely must have
been sorted out years ago?

It looks as if aplay (aka arecord) isn't seeing your cards, so start
there before bothering with alsamixer.
$ aplay -l
would be a good start. Once aplay can see your card(s), I suspect
all the other problems will vanish.

Look also in /proc/asound/cards

I am not an expert: I hope someone else knows far more.