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Author: B Stack
To: devuan developers internal list
Subject: Re: [devuan-dev] Meeting notes 2021-12-23
Devuan devs,

I for one find the new cryptpad extremely annoying. I can only
copy-paste successfully from one specific browser which I don't always
use, and every single process takes extra work to accomplish now. I
realize 3 clicks instead of 1 is not asking a lot, but as the
secretary who handles the pad way more than most users, I'm
frustrated. I am interested in trying out some other options. Let's
talk about those! I know Rrq provided a link to an etherpad instance.
Is the team interested in trying that for a week?

B. Stack

On Mon, Dec 27, 2021 at 8:30 AM B Stack <bgstack15@???> wrote:
> # Devuan meet 2021-12-23 @20:30 UTC
> Present: rrq, Adam, alv, golinux, Hendrik, jaromil
> Apologies: LeePen, bb|hcb
> ## Old Business
> ## Old Actions
> ## New Business
> ### bgstack15 The update to cryptpad has presented a number of
> unsatisfactory changes to our workflows:
> * The copy step of copy-paste is broken (Pale Moon web browser)
> * Any of the File/Theme/Insert/Tools menu entries are un-clickable (Pale
> Moon)
> * Additional steps required to get "shareable" link to a pad
> * Other users have reported having to resort to chromium to view the pad
> website in general.
> ### rrq
> * managed to access this cryptpad with chromium :)
> ### adam
> * accessed this pad with firefox-esr (91.4.1esr) on chimaera arm64 RPi.
> * build and early testing of arm64 chimaera docker image looking good.
> * usb gagdet (networking and storage), wireguard with static ipv6,
> ddnssec zone control (of \*.devuanpi.zenr.io) all functioning well on
> Devuan RPi arm64 chimaera.
> ### golinux
> * vivaldi worked for me (I think that's chromium)
> * (onefang) Yep, Vivaldi is chromium based.
> * It seems that google is calling the shots. Recently I have gotten "It
> only works in chrome" from several businesses with "broken" websites
> here.
> * (hendrik) I find it quite random -- some websites work only in
> firefox; others only in chromium.
> ### onefang
> * On Beowulf tried new CryptPad under Pale Moon, Firefox-ESR, Falkon,
> Midori, Konqueror, Epiphany, and Otter.
> * None of those worked.
> * Chromium works, except for pasting which gave me a bunch of lines with
> numbers.
> * golinux suggested emailing Alv, their response boiled down to "works
> for me".
> * I was going to ask if you had . . . I'll ping him . . .
> * When trying to go to the "Pad is here:" link at the top of this page,
> I get "This link was copied from the browser's address bar and does
> not provide access to the document. Please use the Share menu to
> share directly with contacts or copy the link. Read more about the
> Safe Links feature."
> * (fsr) Testing in ff-esr. 78.13.0esr. Seems to be working. Is it unsafe
> for me to upgrade ff-esr?
> * (hendrik) using firefox-esr 78.15.0esr-1~d... on chimara. This
> cryptpad seems to work.
> ### LeePen
> * Built new version of upower for ascii-proposed{,-updates} which should
>   address missing libupower-glib3.
> * Updated debian-installer and mini.isos after Debian bullseye point
>   release.
> * Other updates in ceres: pcsc-lite, pdns-recursor, rsyslog.
> * Added new fork of hylafax to chimaera-proposed-updates.
> * There are [4
>   packages](https://pkgmaster.devuan.org/britney/chimaera/excuses.html)
>   waiting to be released for chimaera. Are they sufficiently tested?
> * Potential fix for [#617](https://bugs.devuan.org/617) being tested by
>   reporter.
> * Removed expired ci01.dev1.cloud from ci nginx config which fixed SSL
>   certificate renewal. Jenkins is now only available on
>   jenkins.devuan.dev and ci.devuan.org.
> * Access to `*-dbgsym` packages needs work. Forked packages have their
>   -dbgsym packages in the relevant suite. Debian ships theirs in
>   `<suite>-dbgsym`. We need to consider the best and cleanest way to
>   manage this. Options include:-
>   * Add `<debian-suite>-dbgsym` to existing amprolla merges.
>   * Follow Debian and create new `<suite>-dbgsym` suites.
>   * Direct users to use `<debian-suite>-dbgsym` in their sources.list
>     for unforked packages.
>   * Configure mirrors to redirect to `<debian-suite>-dbgsym`. Any
>     other/better suggestions?

> ## New Actions