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Author: Edward Bartolo
To: dng
Subject: [DNG] snetaid debs...
Quote: Aitor wrote:
"Being about five years on from what was your simple-netaid project,
which has substantially
evolved since then hoping that the outcome will be for the good of the
project, the idea of
reviving both your backend and gui in free pascal, but this time drawn
upon libnetaid and snetaid
(in replacement of the suid bit) is a challenge that might make this
work more fun :)"
[End of Quote]

Dear Aitor,
There are no hard feelings from me, notwithstanding my project is now
defunct. I would like to thank you for adopting it in your own way to
modernise it so that it can be secure and enjoyed by everyone.
Sincerily, thanks for all your time and dedication. Thanks to Devuan,
I am using what was known as Debian without the burden of systemd.

As you clearly indicate, the old version uses an SUID executable to
get root privileges which is a security hole which Devuan did very
well to close, even though it broke my latest version of
simple-netaid-*. In my limited use case, I worked around the breakage
by removing the GUI component and using only the backend as root. It
works in my case, but other users may require more functionality,
which thanks to people like you, they can have. Sincerily, THANKS for
your time and effort.

Regarding the idea of importing functionality from your libraries to
let my latest version of simple-netaid-* connect without the
requirement of an SUID tag, although it can be done, there is no need
for Devuan, as users can already use your project.

Finally, I would like to renew my appreciation and thanks for helping
the Devuan Project with your precious time.

Thanks goes also to all the rest of Developers and volunteers who help
the project.