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Author: Didier Kryn
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] Embedded devuan (was Re: Devuan with usr merge?)
Le 17/11/2021 à 22:31, Steve Litt a écrit :
> musl is a C library revealing various OS functionalities and various
> standard ways of doing things. It and libc are replacements for each
> other. musl makes smaller and more efficient programs, from what I
> understand.

    What is called libc in general is the C runtime library, which
provides various ordinary functions and a wrapper between C applications
and the OS. Years ago, Linux kernel people developped their own libc
because unsatisfied from glibc (the Gnu version of libc) and they called
it "libc" which was confusing but this was not for use by the kernel.
This library is now abandonned.

    The kernel itself does not make use of any library at all. The libc
is meant for userspace applications written in C. It is easier to
interface C runtime to the kernel because the kernel is also written in
C. Other languages come with their own runtime library. Ada runtime
library interfaces with the libc rather than directly with the kernel,
because the most dificult is already done.

    The most popular versions of libc are glibc, musl, uClibc, dietlibc.

--     Didier