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Author: sawbona
To: submit
Subject: [devuan-dev] bug#630: exim 4.94.5 installation configures IPv6 by default on IPv4 only machines
Package: exim4
Version: 4.92-5
Severity: grave

I've previously reported this bug to Debian:


Unfortunately, a *single* reference to Devuan slipped by my editing.
As a result, the bug report was instantly/swiftly closed by the chap
in charge with the reply being:

"Well, you are running an unsupported setup."

I really don't have time to set up a Debian installation to prove it
is *also* a bug for Debian and probably every Debian based

I had also previously exchanged opinions with respect to this problem
on the exim-users list but without any success.


So ...
Exim will not fix it because they actually don't think it is a bug.

Debian won't fix it because the person reporting the bug is running
Exim under an unsupported configuration.

The truth of the matter is this:

Exim, as it comes straight from the official Debian repository, will
install itself to use IPv6 *by default* in a system where the
settings *explicitly* disable the IPv6 protocol.


The kernel command line includes the bit needed to disable ipv6 at


The /etc/hosts file has no machine readable IPv6 lines:

groucho@devuan:~$ cat /etc/hosts
#         localhost  devuan
# remmed to disable ip6
#::1                 localhost       ip6-localhost ip6-loopback
#fe00::0          ip6-localnet
#fe00::0          ip6-mcastprefix
#fe02::1          ip6-allnodes
#fe02::1          ip6-allrouters

The /etc/ssh/ssh_config file includes the line needed to disable

groucho@devuan:~$ cat /etc/ssh/ssh_config
--- snip ---
AddressFamily inet     # instead of 'any' or 'inet6'
--- snip ---

In doing so, when Exim starts it generates a paniclog message:

IPv6 socket creation failed: Address family not supported by protocol

Also, in a machine such as mine, running a VBox VM with a DNS (both
configured explicitly disabling IPv6) it will also generate a 30s
delay at boot while Exim makes an AAAA query to the DNS which (quite
obviously) it won't answer.

If this is not a bug ...

I'd appreciate any comments you'd care to make.

Thanks in advance.