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Author: Lars Noodén
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] pkexec in Chimaera
On 11/7/21 21:19, tempforever wrote:
[snip]> Actually I'll probably switch to a text-based editor for this
> case, but in general, for GUI applications, how is this done now?


You could consider running sudoedit instead. That will allow you to
edit a file as root (or any other designated account) while still
running the editor itself under the unprivileged account. One should
not run graphical programs as root, if it can be avoided.

From the manual page for sudo:

    When invoked as sudoedit, the -e option (described
    below), is implied.
    -e, --edit  Edit one or more files instead of running a
        command.  In lieu of a path name, the string
        "sudoedit" is used when consultimg the security
        policy.  If the user is authorized by the pol‐
        icy, the following steps are taken:

        1.   Temporary copies are made of the files to
            be edited with the owner set to the
            invoking user.

        2.   The editor specified by the policy is run to
            edit the temporary files.  The sudoers
            policy uses the SUDO_EDITOR, VISUAL and
            EDITOR environment variables (in that order).
            If none of SUDO_EDITOR, VISUAL or EDITOR
            are set, the first program listed in the editor
            sudoers(5) option is used.

        3.   If they have been modified, the temporary files are
            copied back to their original location and
            the temporary versions are removed.

        To help prevent the editing of unauthorized files,
        the following restrictions are enforced unless [...]

There a lot more about that in the manual pages. See "man sudo" and
"man sudoers"