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Author: Hendrik Boom
To: dng
Old-Topics: [DNG] white band on top of lxqt screen
Subject: Re: [DNG] white band on top of lxqt screen -- SOLVED
On Thu, Oct 14, 2021 at 06:58:15PM -0400, Hendrik Boom wrote:
> A few days ago (possibly related to the upgrade to chimaera) when I log
> into lxqt a white band has appeared at the top of the screen.
> It looks exactly like the band at the bottom, except the one at the botom
> carries icons and stuff, and the one on top carries nothing.
> How do I go about getting rid of this superfluous bar? I cannot place any
> part of a window there, and I lavve limited vertical space on the screen.

Turns out menu-clicking on the bar itself provides a menu in which you can configure the
bar to go elsewhere or even to go away.

Discovered this by clicking on it by mistake.

-- hendrik