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Author: Antony Stone
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] 2FA via SIPP# to PC- HowTo? Under Devuan
On Friday 08 October 2021 at 00:28:08, terryc wrote:

> Hello folks
> Since it is topical:2FA
> TL:DR how to do it?

> So any recommendations for software and cluebies?
> For 2FA, all I need is a text message receiver. Others may want the
> whole headset backend. Any clues/experience?

I doubt that as a small-scale user there is any economic way of getting SMS in
or out over TCP/IP.

I do this for a customer of mine with thousands of mobile numbers, but they
have an SMPP gateway to a service provider, which you just can't get for a
single number.

However, at home I have set up the following:

Raspberry Pi with a USB 3G dongle (eg: Huawei E160E) containing a SIM card,
with the Debian / Devuan / Raspbian package "smstools" installed on the Pi.

A bash script which smstools calls whenever a text message arrives, which both
sends an email with the SMS content in the body, and if the SMS is from a
select list of senders, reads out the content using the festival text-to-
speech facility.

That way, when a text arrives from Deutsche Bank, for example, to confirm a
transaction, the loudspeakers read out the 6-digit code and it can be entered
into the transaction form I'm in the process of completing.

I hope that gives you some clues / ideas / inspiration :)


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