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Author: golinux
To: devuan-dev
Subject: Re: [devuan-dev] Documentation
On 2021-09-19 20:47, tim wrote:
> Hello
> Xenguy mentioned documentation at the latest meeting, more
> specifically as relating to chimaera. I have been digging around
> wondering what I could do to help. What is the opinions of the devs as
> to the general documentation and what they would like it to be? Also
> is there other jobs that need time putting into them?
> Regards
> Cafinux

Hello Cafinux,

Thank you for reading the meet notes and offering to help with

A few days ago I posted this to DNG:

Just now I realized that the list contains documents that are already
updated. The truncated list is posted below. Are the remaining pages
still useful and do they need to be updated?

General information (will need to be updated to Chimaera at the least)
Devuan without D-Bus (is this still possible?)
D-Bus free software (quite possibly out of date)
Minimal xorg install
Minimal XFCE install

Anything no longer useful or relevant will be removed.

The web pages also require changes. I have them mapped in my head but
sadly, Xenguy is overwhelmed and my git fu (with gitea) is lacking.

Other devs may have additional documentation that needs attention.


PS. While I'm here I would also like to put out a request for someone to
take on theming the Devuan Xfce Desktop going forward (Daedalus). There
is a document describing all the necessary tasks here:

Please contact me off-list if that is something that interests you.