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Author: Boian Bonev
To: debian-init-diversity
CC: Devuan Dev Team
Subject: [devuan-dev] Intention to adopt eudev
Gentoo recently announced a decision to drop maintenance of the eudev
package. [1]

As long as eudev [2] is an essential component of distributions
implementing init system diversity, there are several paths forward:

- - continue maintaining eudev
- - switch to udev from systemd
- - switch to another alternative [3][4]

After some discussion and research of the current alternatives, eudev
seems to be the most mature and least risky option but will require
ongoing maintenance.

systemd's udev is not an option because it is clearly stated that there
is no plan to keep it usable outside of systemd's environment. [5]

Devuan has initiated an effort to bring together those interested in
keeping eudev maintained on #devuan-eudev [6].

We would like to invite all interested parties and/or individuals to
join our effort.


PS. Please also CC me in replies as I am not on the list