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Author: B Stack
To: devuan developers internal list
Subject: [devuan-dev] Meeting notes 2021-09-09
# Devuan meet 2021-09-09 @20:30 UTC

Present: bb|hcb, golinux, rrq, fsmithred, jaromil, LeePen, Hendrik,

## Old Business

## Old Actions

## New Business

### jaromil
* financial report 2nd Q 2021 https://cloud.dyne.org/s/9rf4co7eFsCN9zs
* rrq's upgrade script works better than instructions (perhaps make all
in one script/instruction?)
* docker images daily updated for ascii, beowulf, chimaera and ceres
by paddy-hack and jaromil, readmes:
* https://github.com/dyne/docker-devuan-builds
* https://gitlab.com/paddy-hack/devuan/

### golinux
* https://transfer.sh/Q6ATyB/your-way.png
* I missed one search/replace and now just caught it years later. Can
you see it in the screenie? Will update files in git darkpurpy
documentation. Whether that change makes it to the repos will be up
to fsr.
* gnarface has provided some svgs for the grub/isolinux splash screens
as well as the rounded square that precedes the page titles on the
* Now that those loose ends are corrected, I can finish the theming
* this posted to dng: [DNG] Fwd: Upcoming compatibility problem of
oldstable (and older) vs. certificates from Let's Encrypt
* Have published the guide for theming Devuan on gitea. Please use
"issues" to report anything that is incorrect or could be improved:

### Xenguy

#### Migrating files from repo `iso-installer` to `documentation`
* [x] Copied 3 files (`Release Notes` and `README` files) from
  `installer-iso` repo to `documentation` repo (i.e. decision is to work
  on all **public** documentation in the `documentation` repo, then
  publish finished versions elsewhere as necessary).
  * Still other files to migrate in a similar fashion.
    * (fsr) Added live-iso docs.

### hendrik
* Passed my text about wicd disappearing on to Debian.  Got asked why
  not network-manager.
  * (gl) Hahahaha. That's too funny!! amesser has volunteered to upgrade
    wicd to python3
  * Thing is, I don't know why not network-manager.  It does seem to be
  * (gl) It sucks
  * (fsr) n-m is the default in chimaera (for xfce and something else)

### plasma41
* The future of (e)udev:
  * Currently eudev is the default device manager in:
    * Devuan
    * Guix
    * Linux from Scratch
    * ... (feel free to add more if you know them, repology can help
      here <https://repology.org/project/eudev/versions>)
  * Given that multiple distros currently rely on eudev, a multi-distro
    collaboration will be beneficial going forward. Forming some sort of
    working-group/mailinglist to coordinate eudev work across the
    distros that rely on it should be considered.
  * The current main IRC channel for eudev discussion is #gentoo-udev on
  * (bb|hcb) Create #devuan-eudev in libera.chat and invite the
    interested people there.
    * (gl) DONE!

## New Actions
* Finish Release-Notes
* Finish draft Announcement for web and mailinglists.
  * Template for 4.0 announcement
* Join eudev discussions
* parazyd has set up #devuan-eudev. Please add it to your channel list
  if you want to contribute to eudev development.