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Author: Bob Proulx
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] manpages
Hendrik Boom wrote:
> . wrote:
> > > Looking for the gcc..g++ suite manpages, expected to find them in 'gcc-doc' but it's missing.
> > > Anybody point me in the right direction ?
> >
> > I found the answer in
> > https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/523079/what-packages-the-man-pages-for-gcc-on-debian-10-buster-testing
> >
> > Basically, add the "contrib" and "non-free" repositories to your deb
> > sources, then install "gcc-doc".
> So are man pages not considered free nowadays?

    cat /usr/share/doc/gcc-doc/README
    Documentation itself is distributed under the terms of the
    GNU Free Documentation License (with invariant sections or
    front/back cover texts), which is not DFSG-free,
    so documentation could not be distributed in Debian main.

    However, for people who need the documentation, it is available
    from non-free section of the Debian archive.
    /usr/share/doc/gcc-doc/README (END)

Documentation is free when it comes licensed under a free license.
The GNU Free Documentation License *may* be a free license but only
when there are no invariant sections. Adding those turns it into a
non-free license. Multiple GNU Project packages have this problem. :-(

Tragicomically for many people that non-free documentation from the
GNU Project requires adding the non-free suite to their sources.list
is the only reason they now require non-free!