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Author: hal
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] Devuan as a hypervisor?

On 7/30/21 20:25, yamifag@??? wrote:
> Currently I'm between Xen and Qemu, but I'm open to other options.
> Which would be the best option in this case, and is this even a good idea?

I've been running KVM/QEMU/Virt-Manager on Devuan for many years with 3-4 VMs and haven't had any issues directly related to Devuan. It's not my intent to bash systemd but it's worth mentioning that I've had many other issues with Debian based hypervisors over the past few years (50+ VMs across several hypervisors) that involve systemd when reviewing logs post-mortem. Hypervisors will sometimes not reboot. Even when trying to un-stick with Magic SysRq. The console will just show systemd errors instead. Likewise, when systems do reboot, sometimes they inexplicably stop booting and need to have the power button hit. Another time, OpenSSH would not work due to /var/run/sshd missing during boot. Another issue involved systemd and a LUKS encrypted partition. Another time was missing LVM devices. This happens across systems of varying age so hardware issues are kind of ruled out. The issues keep getting more frequent and odd as months go by. It's like these systems have regressed to what L
inux was in 1995.

I would strongly suggest running your virtualization on Devuan. The simplicity and stability is currently unmatched in my experience.

PCI Passthrough gets tricky. I recently used it for a network card jacked into a SPAN port. It seems to be working OK. I've tried doing it in the past with my graphics card (for OpenGL support in the VM) and could not get it working. Maybe that has changed in the past couple years though, or I was doing something wrong. It wasn't quick-and-easy at the time.