:: [DNG] difficulty issuing commands
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Author: Haines Brown
To: dng
Subject: [DNG] difficulty issuing commands
Sorry for the ambivalent subject line.

I'm running Beowulf with Fluxbox window manager but without a desktop
environment. Without knowing what might have triggered it, I find it
laborious to start some applications from CLI. What happens is that
I get a hang (little spiral rotates) until I kill the process with
Crtl-g and try again. Prbably happens with some commands but not

For example, I have a ~/.balance.bal executable. I click it and
nothing happens. Only a spining spiral that indicated a hang. I then
kill the process with Ctl-g and click it a second time and this time
it runs fine. This behavior seems to come and go.

The beyavior happened perhaps about the same time that all entries in
emacs bookmark were duplicated. For example:

  home-balance            ~/.balance.bal
  home-balance<2>         ~/.balance.bal

When I try to access my bank account it says my browser is out of
date (I run Bassiliks and Firefox). When I exit the process and try
again it has no problem with my browser and I can log in.

Probably irrelevant but just recently I cannot run aisleriot klondike.
When I click on a card it gets selected (greys out) as it should, but
I can't drag card anywhere.

I rebooted but no change. I reinstalled aisleriot but no change.

Haines Brown