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Author: al3xu5
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] Marker
Fri, 30 Jul 2021 18:10:34 -0400 - Steve Litt <slitt@???>:

> This email was to mark the point I got to in my outline of everything
> that's been said in the DNG software authoring standards, because my
> email client (claws-mail) doesn't have a bookmarking capability, as far
> as I know.

Hi Steve

Claws-mail is also my email client.

I would suggest you could mark emails (Tools->Mark) or, as a better
bookmark alternative, tag emails (Tools->Tags).

From the CM online manual (https://www.claws-mail.org/documentation.php):
Tags are short text notes which may be set on messages. They are useful
for classifying messages with your own words. These tags can be used later
to find the mails with Quick Search or to manage them with filtering or
processing rules, for example.

Tagged messages are displayed with a yellow background at the top of the
Message View. This line shows all tags associated with the message. You
can enable the "Tags" column in the Message List, so tagged items can be
seen without having to open the message.

Setting of tags is done by right-clicking on the message in the Message
List or by the corresponding option in Message menu. A panel with the
existing tags is shown and you can select some of them or just add a new
one. Removal of existing tags is also allowed, of course.

Once tags exist it's even easier, as the context menu allows you to set
and unset tags with just one click to the selected messages. Mixed
selections of tagged and untagged messages are allowed, and Claws Mail is
clever enough to do what you want to do in any case.


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