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Author: tito
To: devuan-dev
Subject: Re: [devuan-dev] Meeting notes 2021-07-01
On Mon, 5 Jul 2021 00:54:35 -0500
Plasma <davidpaul@???> wrote:

> # Devuan meet 2021-07-01 @20:30 UTC
> Present: rrq, Rick, fsr, mason, golinux, Hendrik, plasma41
> Regrets: Xenguy, Adam, LeePen
> ## Old Business
> ## Old Actions
> ### mason
> * wiki - I've been in stasis with the wiki. I'm not particularly happy
>   with sticking us on a new deployment of a dead platform, and as much
>   as Moinmoin is pleasant, version 2 is tied to Python 2. I don't yet
>   have a good suggestion.
>   * Looking at MediaWiki again
>     * https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Special:MyLanguage/Manual:AuthManager
>     * https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Special:MyLanguage/Manual:Preventing_access

> ## New Business
> ### mason
> * Can someone tell me what's intended by "business" and "actions?" It's
>   never been abundantly clear to me.
>   * (gl) "Business" is for discussion of projects, ideas, and needs
>     etc. "actions" are for the implementation coming out of that
>     discussion and who will do it. 
> * Last night it was noted that Jenkins' SSL certificate had expired.
>   It's not as yet known why, but I was able to regenerate the
>   certificate using the normal tools. Follow-up actions:
>   * What happened?
>   * Do we want to change tools, migrating to certbot or somesuch?
>     * acme tool tries daily now, so no need to move
>   * Do we want monitoring? This could verify both certificate
>     health/expiry and last runs.
>   * This event highlights a desire of mine for a simple map of service
>     -> host -> hypervisor, as whenever I've had to dig in, there's a
>     certain unfortunate amount of spelunking involved to identify the
>     right backing host. (The last such incident was a time issue with
>     the forum host, which required spelunking.) This should also
>     include a listing of available bastions. I'll see about starting
>     such a document.
>   * This event also highlighted a personal need to seed accounts a bit
>     more widely, as I've got a single point of failure in my path in to
>     our infrastructure, and if that host has issues I'd be at a loss.
>     This can be rectified via maps and accounts. (I don't think I need
>     anyone else to do anything to make this happen, but I'll make a
>     noise if I'm wrong.)
>   * Chimaera build box churning away, building ZFS, feeding internal
>     repository.

> ### LeePen
> We have house guests and I might not make the meeting. Apologies.
> #### Amprolla
> * I am changing the architecture list to be per-release rather than
>   global. For example, I believe we have supported ppc64el only since
>   beowulf.
> * I can't find documentation on the architectures supported for ascii
>   and jessie. Does anybody know or can point me to the docs? Tried to
>   deduce this info from package architectures in dak. Looks like i386,
>   amd64, armel, armhf and arm64 for all releases and ppc64el since
>   beowulf. There are also some (incomplete and out of date) mipsel
>   packages in jessie and ascii. Were they ever part of the release?
>   * (gl) It would probably be in the Release Notes for those releases.
>     That info for beowulf is at https://www.devuan.org/os/ but used to
>     be at a slightly different location in that directory. You could
>     search devuan.org on the wayback machine at the time of the
>     release. No time for me to do that till after the meet.  AFAIK,
>     there has been no documentation in git for that information.
>     * From jessie webpages I had saved locally:
>       amd64
>       i386
>       arm64
>       armel
>       armhf
>     * From ASCII on the wayback machine:
>       amd64
>       arm64
>       armel
>       armhf
>       i386 

> ### golinux
> * jaromil's ssh upgrade woes. I'm punting the discussion to fsmithred
> * (fsr) Summary of the problem: Remote migration of buster to beowulf
> failed because openssh-server did not restart on reboot. (after
> installing sysvinit, before migrating to devuan). I replied with
> links to alternate migration method. Nixer's method:
> https://dev1galaxy.org/viewtopic.php?id=2796
> ### fsmithred
> * built desktop-base 4.0 for chimaera, currently in ceres.
> * Updated refractasnapshot with deepsea colors.
> * Fixed some pixels in clearlook-phenix-cinnabar-theme. i built it for
> unstable, but it should move into beowulf-proposed-updates and then
> beowulf if/when we have another point release.
> ## New Actions
> ### bgstack15
> * I cannot attend, nor can I send out the notes over the weekend. Could
> I get a volunteer to handle that?
> * (plasma41) I volunteer
> ### rrq
> * set up all chimaera alpha isos on weekly schedule
> * unpack installation process for more final patch scripting
> * explore migration buster->beowulf, buster->chimaera
> * post announcement to test buster to beowulf migration instructions.
> tito's migration script? When it's sorted

There was no feedback about the script and no issues reported.
I have no more live boxes to test and vm's are a little boring
after a while. I'm waiting for next Debian release
for a new version when high season is over.


> ### plasma41
> * determine and document what cpu architectures were supported by each
> Devuan release
> * (gl) I found list for jessie and ascii and posted above.