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Author: Plasma
To: devuan-dev
Subject: [devuan-dev] Meeting notes 2021-07-01
# Devuan meet 2021-07-01 @20:30 UTC

Present: rrq, Rick, fsr, mason, golinux, Hendrik, plasma41

Regrets: Xenguy, Adam, LeePen

## Old Business

## Old Actions

### mason
* wiki - I've been in stasis with the wiki. I'm not particularly happy
  with sticking us on a new deployment of a dead platform, and as much
  as Moinmoin is pleasant, version 2 is tied to Python 2. I don't yet
  have a good suggestion.
  * Looking at MediaWiki again
    * https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Special:MyLanguage/Manual:AuthManager
    * https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Special:MyLanguage/Manual:Preventing_access

## New Business

### mason
* Can someone tell me what's intended by "business" and "actions?" It's
  never been abundantly clear to me.
  * (gl) "Business" is for discussion of projects, ideas, and needs
    etc. "actions" are for the implementation coming out of that
    discussion and who will do it. 
* Last night it was noted that Jenkins' SSL certificate had expired.
  It's not as yet known why, but I was able to regenerate the
  certificate using the normal tools. Follow-up actions:
  * What happened?
  * Do we want to change tools, migrating to certbot or somesuch?
    * acme tool tries daily now, so no need to move
  * Do we want monitoring? This could verify both certificate
    health/expiry and last runs.
  * This event highlights a desire of mine for a simple map of service
    -> host -> hypervisor, as whenever I've had to dig in, there's a
    certain unfortunate amount of spelunking involved to identify the
    right backing host. (The last such incident was a time issue with
    the forum host, which required spelunking.) This should also
    include a listing of available bastions. I'll see about starting
    such a document.
  * This event also highlighted a personal need to seed accounts a bit
    more widely, as I've got a single point of failure in my path in to
    our infrastructure, and if that host has issues I'd be at a loss.
    This can be rectified via maps and accounts. (I don't think I need
    anyone else to do anything to make this happen, but I'll make a
    noise if I'm wrong.)
  * Chimaera build box churning away, building ZFS, feeding internal

### LeePen
We have house guests and I might not make the meeting. Apologies.

#### Amprolla
* I am changing the architecture list to be per-release rather than
  global. For example, I believe we have supported ppc64el only since
* I can't find documentation on the architectures supported for ascii
  and jessie. Does anybody know or can point me to the docs? Tried to
  deduce this info from package architectures in dak. Looks like i386,
  amd64, armel, armhf and arm64 for all releases and ppc64el since
  beowulf. There are also some (incomplete and out of date) mipsel
  packages in jessie and ascii. Were they ever part of the release?
  * (gl) It would probably be in the Release Notes for those releases.
    That info for beowulf is at https://www.devuan.org/os/ but used to
    be at a slightly different location in that directory. You could
    search devuan.org on the wayback machine at the time of the
    release. No time for me to do that till after the meet.  AFAIK,
    there has been no documentation in git for that information.
    * From jessie webpages I had saved locally:
    * From ASCII on the wayback machine:

### golinux
* jaromil's ssh upgrade woes. I'm punting the discussion to fsmithred
* (fsr) Summary of the problem: Remote migration of buster to beowulf
failed because openssh-server did not restart on reboot. (after
installing sysvinit, before migrating to devuan). I replied with
links to alternate migration method. Nixer's method:

### fsmithred
* built desktop-base 4.0 for chimaera, currently in ceres.
* Updated refractasnapshot with deepsea colors.
* Fixed some pixels in clearlook-phenix-cinnabar-theme. i built it for
unstable, but it should move into beowulf-proposed-updates and then
beowulf if/when we have another point release.

## New Actions

### bgstack15
* I cannot attend, nor can I send out the notes over the weekend. Could
I get a volunteer to handle that?
* (plasma41) I volunteer

### rrq
* set up all chimaera alpha isos on weekly schedule
* unpack installation process for more final patch scripting
* explore migration buster->beowulf, buster->chimaera
* post announcement to test buster to beowulf migration instructions.
tito's migration script? When it's sorted

### plasma41
* determine and document what cpu architectures were supported by each
Devuan release
* (gl) I found list for jessie and ascii and posted above.