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Author: Pavel Machek
To: Merlijn Wajer
CC: maemo-leste
Subject: Re: [maemo-leste] XTerminal menu no longer working

> >>> On droid 4, in recent versions, menu in "XTerminal" -- the default
> >>> terminal emulator -- no longer works. I see animation opening it,
> >>> briefly empty frame appears, then it disappears.
> >>>
> >>> Do you see the problem, too?
> >>
> >> I just tried on my droid 4, and osso-xterm ("X Terminal") menu seems to
> >> work for me. Are you fully up to date? And are you using the -devel
> >> repository?
> >
> > I updated less then hour ago, so should be up-to-date.
> Ok.

Strange, I re-did apt upgrade, and now it updates libgtk2-common?

Even more strange, right after upgrade, apt update says "2 packages
can be upgraded", but apt upgrade does nothing.

apt list --upgradable says that hildon-meta-droid4 and
libicd-network-ipv4 can be upgraded. Apt upgrade still does nothing.

When I try it manually, it says that libicd-network-ipv4 depends on
dnsmasq, but it is not installable. hildon-meta-droid4 needs

Let me try to reboot, after all, libgtk2-common sounds important. But
no, nothing changed after reboot.

> > In /etc/apt/sources.list, I have both beowulf and beowulf-devel.
> >
> > I do occassionaly see other graphical glitches, as usual on droid
> > 4. There are quite some backtraces in dmesg, with:
> >
> > PVRMMapRemoveRegisteredArea ... is still mapped.
> > CPU: 1 ...Comm: hildon-desktop Not tainted 5.11.0 # 1
> Are you using the kernel from the repository? I believe most of the
> known graphical glitches were fixed by increasing the clock speed to the
> right speed a while ago. The traces are indeed there, and we haven't
> bisected yet what commit introduces them, but they are likely unrelated
> to the menu not showing.

Yes, on this droid I'm using kernel from leste.

> Does the context menu work for you in other applications? Say the
> calculator or the clock application?

Umm. Unlike osso-xterm, menu displays in calculator and clock, but I
could not find menu item that works. Is clock and calculator written
in the same toolkit? I don't see arrow indicating menu is available
for example.

Best regards,