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Author: Merlijn Wajer
To: Pavel Machek
CC: maemo-leste
Subject: Re: [maemo-leste] XTerminal menu no longer working

On 25/05/2021 23:48, Pavel Machek wrote:
> Hi!
>>> On droid 4, in recent versions, menu in "XTerminal" -- the default
>>> terminal emulator -- no longer works. I see animation opening it,
>>> briefly empty frame appears, then it disappears.
>>> Do you see the problem, too?
>> I just tried on my droid 4, and osso-xterm ("X Terminal") menu seems to
>> work for me. Are you fully up to date? And are you using the -devel
>> repository?
> I updated less then hour ago, so should be up-to-date.


> In /etc/apt/sources.list, I have both beowulf and beowulf-devel.
> I do occassionaly see other graphical glitches, as usual on droid
> 4. There are quite some backtraces in dmesg, with:
> PVRMMapRemoveRegisteredArea ... is still mapped.
> CPU: 1 ...Comm: hildon-desktop Not tainted 5.11.0 # 1

Are you using the kernel from the repository? I believe most of the
known graphical glitches were fixed by increasing the clock speed to the
right speed a while ago. The traces are indeed there, and we haven't
bisected yet what commit introduces them, but they are likely unrelated
to the menu not showing.

Does the context menu work for you in other applications? Say the
calculator or the clock application?