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Author: Enrico Weigelt, metux IT consult
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] Collaboration between distros [WAS: FSF and human rights]
On 17.05.21 21:35, Alexis PM via Dng wrote:

> Standardise the format in which developers publicly offer for download
> the code for new versions of the software they create, would make
> packaging (or port/ebuild creation) easier for distros, freeing up time
> that can be spent on other things. Standardise the source files is not
> an obstacle for distros to customize the software they distribute, on
> the contrary it would make it easier to focus on customizations because
> the organization of the source file would be predictable.

Yes, but we should take a closer look on what exactly to standardize
and how to do that exactly.

Some wishes I've got at this point:

* source shall be available via git
* releases shall be tagged using some defined naming scheme
(hopefully semver)
* it use one of the common build systems (make, cmake, autotools, etc)
or provide some compatible frontend (eg. configure script that behaves
similar to the autools-generated ones)
* no prebuilt binaries
* only one package per source tree (no 3rdparty stuff)
* only one license per source tree / package
* important build / install pathes, as well as toolchain commands,
can be overwritten via environment or ./configure script args in a
standard way (eg. $DESTIR, $PREFIX, $BINDIR, ...)
* library lookup only via pkg-config (no own scripts, cmake magic, etc)
* supports DESTDIR installation
* no external communication (eg. downloads) during build process
* source tree does not contain any auto-generated files
* overwrite toolchain commands by standard env vars ($CC, etc)


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