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Author: B Stack
To: devuan developers internal list
New-Topics: Re: [devuan-dev] Meeting notes 2021-04-22 about migration.sh v 1.8
Subject: [devuan-dev] Meeting notes 2021-04-22
# Devuan meet 2021-04-22 @20:30 UTC

Present: rrq, Xenguy, golinux, fsr, bgstack15, plasma41 (Adam)
apologies, don't think i can make it to the meeting this week

## Old Business

### Xenguy
* Now that this area is cleaned up again, it occurs to me to ask:  how
  should we be using this section of our meeting minutes?
  * I assume that 'Old Business' == 'Unfinished Business'?
    * (gl) Yes.  A short note is sufficient to remind us after it has
      been discussed once.~~Your text here~~
  * e.g. In a recent meeting we discussed Tor/Onion links; should we be
    rolling that kind of topic over, from meeting to meeting, in this
    section?  Or is this section to simply remain unused?
    * (gl) What was the outcome you desired?  Whether to keep it or not
      or create a new one? It should have been solved by now if it was
      important. I have not seen any recent complaints about Tor so
      assume it is a transient issue but I also think I remember someone
      mentioning that the tor address format has changed.
      * (Xenguy) This may be evidence of my concern:  we may have lost
        the thread on this topic.

## Old Actions

## New Business

### mason
* I'd like to empty out the IRC ban and quiet lists and have them start
  fresh. I'd like us to reconsider using one of the systems that expire
  bans and quiets automatically after a (per-incident as needed)
  settable time. Should be easy to set up, and will give people a chance
  to rehabilitate.
  * (Xenguy) What would a suitable 'interval' be I wonder?
  * (fsr) As I understand the current setup, if anyone places a ban,
    that person needs to be the one to remove it. One concern I have is
    that with auto-removal, we might be tempted to ban people more
    easily, since we don't have to rememeber to remove it.

### golinux
* Offer to translate the website in Russian:
  https://dev1galaxy.org/viewtopic.php?id=4279  Problem is that the site
  is not static so any translation could quickly become stale. What is
  the current state of on-the-fly translators?
* tito's [buster-to-beowulf migration
  script](https://gitea.devuan.dev/farmatito/migration) is now in gitea.
  But there have been no further email updates or reports from users
  trying it. Thoughts?
  * (Xenguy) More testers are needed generally. Once my Qemu is set up,
    I should be able to help with this. See also fsr's comment below
    about using tito's script.

### rrq (will be very short of time this time)
* chimaera-security is "needed" by installer; doesn't break
  installation, but the lack of it attracts a scary red warning dialog.
  (chimaera-updates is also expected but lacking it doesn't gain a
* tried migration buster 10.9 fresh install -> chimaera and it seemed
  easy enough though required some persistence to get rid of systemd. I
  focused more on getting my un-merge-usr script to work (which really
  is something all sensible debian users should deploy)
  * (Xenguy) What is the script for?
    * (gl) IIUC it is to "un-merge-usr" which happens as default in
      Debian.  Devuan does not merge them as default.
      * (rrq) yes; to undo the file structure destruction that a debian
        installation brings, with links like /bin -> usr/bin instead of
        "proper" directories for /bin, /sbin, /lib, /lib32, /libx32 and
        /lib64, and which thereby merges the content that installs into
        those directories; i.e. anything installed to /bin gets
        deposited into /usr/bin and so forth respectively.

### LeePen Probably won't make it along in person, sorry.
* Ceres/chimaera updates to keep in sync with Debian: network-manager,
iwd (thanks Job Bautista) and libvirt (thanks amesser).

### Xenguy
* **mason**: Confirm whether mason recently used the existing
  documentation successfully?
  * (fsr) I used v.1.8 of migrate.sh to migrate buster with mate to
    beowulf. It was easy, smooth and fast. There were some instructions
    at the end for things to do after reboot. I had to look inside the
    script after reboot to remember them. It sets pin-priority to 900.
    Don't we use 500 as default?

### fsmithred
  * For chimaera we need to replace wicd in xfce and mate. Other DEs are
    ok. I suggest network-manager-gnome. task-mate-desktop   Recommends:
    wicd task-xfce-desktop   Recommends: wicd

## New Actions

### bgstack15
* Ask mason to be even more diplomatic when handling irc violations