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Author: golinux
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] Default logins for ARM images?
On 2021-04-02 19:26, Gregory Nowak via Dng wrote:
> On Thu, Apr 01, 2021 at 03:24:30PM +0200, Joril via Dng wrote:
>> Strange, I can see a https://arm-files.devuan.org/README.txt, it
>> contains
>> this annotation:
>> Beowulf 3.0.0 credentials:
>>     devuan:'devuan'
>>     root  :'toor'

>> Beowulf 3.1.0 credentials (rpi-img-builder based):
>>     pi:'board' (with passwordless SUDO :-O )
>> _______________________________________________

> When reading the first post in this thread, I heard "files.devuan.org"
> instead of "arm-files.devuan.org" and went looking in the former. What
> I would like to know is where is arm-files.devuan.org referenced off
> of the main www.devuan.org site? The only references there I noticed
> about embedded devices go to the forum, and a quick look at the forum
> pages didn't make it obvious to me that arm-files.devuan.org
> exists. Perhaps a reference to arm-files.devuan.org should be made
> more prominent on www.devuan.org if it already exists there? Thanks.
> Greg


Have you not seen this thread on the forum? Because it is not a
community project, it is presented differently that the official devuan

Location is: Index » ARM Builds » Installer images for armel, armhf and
ppc64 need testing


There is a link to that thread on the Download page of the website.