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Author: Olaf Meeuwissen
To: Dario Niedermann
CC: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] [3.0] Time in AM/PM format ?? [SOLVED]
Hi Dario,

Dario Niedermann writes:

> Il 30/03/2021 alle 18:59, Adam Borowski ha scritto:
>>I bet your locale is set to en_US.
> Indeed it is!
> [...]
>>So in Buster (and thus Beowulf and Chimaera), meaning of "en_US"
>>changed to include that silly 12-hour time.
> Surely they couldn't avoid fixing what wasn't broken.

While I personally very much dislike AM/PM times, there is something to
be said for 24-hour clock times being incorrect for a "en_US" locale.
The bulk of people used to this locale think in AM/PM times. Showing
24-hour clock times is contrary to the cultural expectation of the bulk
of users. In my book, that's a bug. It's pedants like me, and you ;-),
that need to go the extra, eh, distance (take your pick of units ;-).

> Thank you for steering me in the right direction: I found that setting
> LC_TIME=C is enough to get my 24 hours back.

Hope this helps,
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