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Author: Pavel Machek
To: tony, sre, merlijn, phone-devel, maemo-leste
Old-Topics: [maemo-leste] D4: Control and capslock keyboard mapping
Subject: [maemo-leste] Droid4: USB host works in Leste

I played with USB host and Maemo Leste, and it works with recently
packaged kernel:

devuan-droid4 5.10.4 #1 SMP PREEMPT Mon Jan 18 21:56:35 UTC 2021

USB devices are only detected when you plug them in. If you plug
dongle first, then device to the dongle, it does not work.

Mouse, keyboard and mass storage seems to work.

It is probably possible to charge the battery and use USB host at the
same time. Good.

DisplayLink and USB ethernet does not, as the modules are missing.

Could I get Leste to build neccessary modules? Turning phone into
usable desktop computer sounds like fun.

I'd need:


Thanks and best regards,