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Author: B Stack
To: devuan developers internal list
Subject: [devuan-dev] Meeting notes 2021-02-04
# Devuan meet 2021-02-04 @20:30 UTC

Present: LeePen, Xenguy, bgstack15, jaromil, golinux, rrq, mason

## Old Business

## Old Actions

## New Business

### LeePen
* fixes for amprolla logging are deployed and stable so far:-
  * concurrent writes are correctly serialised and all suites processed
    are included (libsystemd, oldpackages, bannedpackages)
  * amprolla.txt correctly rotates every 30 days
* Updated packages in ceres: util-linux

### rrq
* pkginfo css has been moved to www.d.o for ease of polishing. Also
  refactored into a single s/w branch with two variant "entries":
  * policy-query.**xml** etc for client side xslt processing
  * policy-query.**html** etc for server side xslt processing (default)
* Are installer isos 3.1 RC2 ready for publishing?
  * should trim down dvd to be less than 4Gb
  * try to trim server < 650 mb
* Time for an additional infrastructure sysadmin .. any takers?
  * (mason) Despite my perennial time pressure, I'd love to participate
    this way.
  * (bgstack15) I've been a sysadmin before too. What do you need done?

### Xenguy
* Will remove the 404 page image real soon now, unless strenuous
  objections are received.
* Still finalizing the web pages that need to be updated for the
  upcoming 3.1 point release.
  * **Question:  Who is authoring the point release announcement?** (Am
    assuming the web site needs to add the new announcement page at the
    same time as the announcement is released publicly).
    * (gl) Last Point Release (2.1) announcement would be a good
      template.  Short and to the point:
    * golinux says fsmithred typically authors the announcement.
    * ASCII 2.1 point release announce web page:
      * ^^ (Parent of above page) Main Table of Contents/Site Map page:

### mason
* What do we think about the (as yet unexplored, at least by me) notion
of repacking packages to modify depends and such? I noticed that my
metapackage for guaranteeing I don't install a kernel for which I
don't yet have a kmod-zfs built and available keeps me from installing
new kernels until I have the kmod built, but doesn't keep older kmods
around, even if I haven't deleted the older kernel. It made me think
about an automatic repackage of Debian packages with only the
dependencies changing. We'd need to re-sign, and I'm not sure it'd be
a huge step up over fully forking packages. But maybe it'd be
useful...? If it were automated, we'd pick up Debian work
automatically, and this would let us add dependencies like sysvinit
scripts, kmods, whatever.

### golinux
* chipping away at recoloring the chimeaera theme png img. Almost
finished, Only the svgs remain to be processed.

## New Actions