:: [DNG] Devuan ASCII point release
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Author: . fsmithred
To: dng
Subject: [DNG] Devuan ASCII point release
The Devuan ASCII 2.1 point release has begun. The installer isos,
desktop-live and minimal-live isos are currently available for
download here:
Other images will be uploaded as they are ready.

- The option to choose openrc is more prominent and no longer requires
an Expert install. You can't miss it.

- If you would like to select an alternate bootloader (lilo) or
exclude non-free firmware, you must select one of the Expert install

- The recommended default mirror is now deb.devuan.org. If you would
like to use a country code mirror, please check
https://pkgmaster.devuan.org/mirror_list.txt to see if there is one
suitable for your needs.

There is more information in the Release Notes: