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Author: Marc Shapiro
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] Unexpected behavior in Python 3 and QT Designer program
On 10/3/20 4:09 PM, Ludovic Bellière wrote:
> Both python and Qt have been upgraded between stretch and buster, as
> such you have to expect changes in behavior.
> From what you said, it doesn't seem to be breaking.
> On 4/10/20 00:45, Marc Shapiro via Dng wrote:
>> I have a program written in Python 3 that uses a .ui file from QT
>> Designer.  This is the exact same program and .ui file as I used in
>> Debian.  (It is in /usr/local/bin, which I mount in both places.)  It
>> retrieves stock data for up to 30 ticker symbols and runs the data
>> through various calculations before displaying the results in a separate
>> set of fields for each symbol.
>> When I run this under Debian Stretch, as each symbol is processed the
>> results are displayed for that ticker, until I reach the end of the list.
>> When I run it under Devuan Beowulf, no results are displayed until it is
>> done with all of the tickers and then all the fields are filled in and
>> displayed at one.
>> Have there been changes in the way python and QT Designer interact?
>> Under Stretch, /usr/bin/python3 points to python3.5, in Beowulf, it
>> points to python3.7.  Could this be causing the different behavior.  I
>> can't just change the link, because I get an error loading the QT module
>> when I link to python3.5.
>> Marc
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I never said that it was broken, just unexpected.  I got the old
behavior back by adding the line 'self.repaint()' after each ticker's
fields were filled.