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Author: kdibble
To: dng
Subject: [DNG] AppArmor documentation and packaging
I don't know to whom these should go to, or how to get them fixed.


Having read the fine manual:


man apparmor


man apparmor.d

have any mention of apparmor.d/local

There is no mention of proper formatting of apparmor.d/local files.

At https://gitlab.com/apparmor/apparmor/-/wikis/Policy_Layout

there is a mention of




but there does not appear to be any documentation on

formatting of the files in the local subdirectory,

which is different from the profiles.

But they also say that the Debian distribution includes

the documentation and Debian specific notes.

So, can you trust documentation that contradicts itself?

Profiles and packaging:


There is no apparmor profile for FIREFOX-ESR

There is a firefox profile in apparmor-profiles-extra.deb

which appears to work after changing the name appropriately.


The apparmor profile is part of the package.

The point of these last items is the inconsistent packaging.

There should probably be a guideline that profiles go with the package

or in a separate package.

I discovered this after installing MSMTP and having it mysteriously fail

when the log directory was changed.

I imagine that I am not the first person to have the learning opportunity

that inconsistent packaging creates.