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Author: Peter Duffy
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] ..devuan to the rescue? Easiest possible newbie email server setup, ideas?
On Thu, 2020-10-01 at 11:31 +0200, Alessandro Vesely via Dng wrote:
> On Tue 29/Sep/2020 11:10:12 +0200 Simon Hobson wrote:
> > Alessandro Vesely via Dng <dng@???> wrote:
> >
> >>> I have no choice over the neighbours !
> >
> >> Don't buy overly cheap connections...
> >
> > Doesn't matter how much you pay - unless you get an entire net-block to yourself then you have no control over the neighbours. Only the ISP has control over the neighbours.
> Correct. ISPs which maintain a restricted set of non-spamming customers tend
> to ask for higher rates. Mass discount ISPs, cutting abuse team costs, accept
> anyone.

Tell me about it! My provided mail router has been blacklisted several
times because of neighbours' spamming activities. I keep wondering about
going for a more exclusive package (in all senses) but it would be a big
increase in the yearly fee.

Oh for the days when I was a Demon Internet customer and had my very own
class C address ...