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To: dng
Subject: [DNG] problem with KDE/plasma on Beowulf / pulseaudio too
Hello all,

I have a thinkpad laptop with a separate numeric keypad.  I was using
devuan ascii with KDE happily on this machine, but when I upgraded to
beowulf  I lost the use of the numeric keypad.  It appears to be
KDE/plasma that's at fault, so I resigned myself to using LXQT instead
of KDE.

But I also have issues with LXQT, including similar audio problems as
what others are posting about.  I just tried to "apt remove" pulseaudio,
but apt wants to remove lxqt along with it.

So I have a two-part question:  is there some way to get my numeric
keypad back under KDE ; or how can I remove pulseaudio without removing
lxqt along with it?

Or do I have to move on to some other UI?  (Okay, part 3 of a 2-part
question :-)

TIA, -Bob

-Robert Montante, Ph.D.
 Department of Mathematical and Digital Sciences
 Bloomsburg University        bobmon AT bloomu DOT edu
 Bloomsburg, PA  17815        prof.montante AT gmail DOT com
 phone: 570-389-4624            montcs.bloomu.edu/~bobmon/