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Author: aitor_czr
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] About amprolla-3
Dear Ralph,

On 02/07/20 09:36, Ralph Ronnquist via Dng wrote:
> aitor_czr wrote on 2/7/20 9:13 pm:
>> Hi again,
>> On 02/07/20 10:42, aitor_czr wrote:
>>> for other values of*dist* we would find also other categories like
>>> 'contrib' or 'non-free' and also other different architectures (
>>> 'source' 'all' 'i386 and 'amd64' aside)
>> Strictly speaking: the source for each category and, on the other hand,
>> the binaries and the contents for each category and architecture
>> (binary-all, etc...). You understand...
> All clear. Except your note about '/binary-armhf/Packages.gz' which you said it
> should be '/Packages.gz' but didn't use it so ...

Not used in devuan because devuan (as an universal operating system)
uses the whole range of architectures.
So..., not used in devuan, but required by devuan derivatives.