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Author: Eduard Budulea
To: devuan-dev
Subject: [devuan-dev] Devuan beowulf bluetooth management problem.
Hello all,

I am a devuan user, for 2 years now.
While evaluating the new beowulf, I ecounter a problem.
On my yoga book the bluetooth is not working. Even with a newly compiled
kernel (5.7.4) is not working, unless I start the blueman-manager or
bluetoothctrl as root.

The problem ends up to be similar to:

The default user that the installer is creating is not a member of the
"lp" group. So the blueman-manager application cannot connect via D-Bus.

After adding the group and relogin everything is now working.

Hope this helps others.
It whould be nice to modify the installer since it took some time to
find the solution.