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Author: B Stack
To: devuan developers internal list
Subject: [devuan-dev] Meeting notes 2020-06-18
# Devuan meet 2020-06-18 @20:30 UTC

Present: bgstack15, plasma41, LeePen, golinux, fsmithred, rrq

## Old Business
* Still no devuan financial report from dyne. Needs to go on the donate

### bgstack15
* Gitlab issue preservation is still being improved from the original
iteration. Links to other issues should be updated to the new format,
and all images (that are actually there) are preserved. Interim
contents are already available at
https://beta.devuan.org/gitlab-issues/ (golinux) some of the code
formatting is broken. Please fix that, or else just remove the code
tags. (bgstack15) Will check that out, but I need a specific example
or two!

## Old Actions

## New Business HAPPY SOLSTICE!!! Saturday 20 June 2020 at 21:43 GMT

### fsmithred
* dead link on fdo to naming conventions. I like (need) this reference
for naming isos correctly. Can we have it back somewhere? (assuming
it's what I think it is.) https://devuan.org/os/filenaming
* (plasma41) For reference, IA has a copy at

    I agree that it should be added back to the current site, complete
    with adequate links to it. The historical page
    https://devuan.org/os/announce/stable-jessie-announce-052517 links
    to the previous location of the filenaming page; currently that link
    returns a 404.

### LeePen
* New native arm builder courtesy of parazyd (thanks).
* Dyne i386 builder updated and back in use.
* Rewritten releasebot courtesy of Evilham (thanks).
* New Gitea -> Releasebot -> Jenkins unified pipeline working.
* Migrated GitLab devuan-packages to Gitea Devuan Packages Team Only
repos generating a package in released suites have been migrated.
Quite a lot of cruft (mainly jessie-proposed) left behind. d1h
* Proposed updates for maintainers guide with changes to build infra.
Please review:


### rrq
* moving git.devuan.org to be gitea, and "archiving" gitlab

## New Actions
* reinstate filenaming DONE!
* ping Manuela/Jaro about financial report
* <root_> The devuan.org 404 page links to devuan.org/toc at the bottom,
but that URL is also a 404
* Will fix it to point to explore DONE!