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Author: Tony Lindgren
To: Pavel Machek
CC: maemo-leste, nekit1000, martin_rysavy, mpartap, sre
Subject: Re: [maemo-leste] Grand plan to get make phones... phone (for Motorola Droid 4)
* Pavel Machek <pavel@???> [200514 18:23]:

> > I guess my point is: Do we really want to keep any of this AT stuff
> > around at all?
> Perhaps not :-). Feel free to trim down motchat.c more, just try not
> to break it.
> But ... notice that we don't have separate thread, and we should not
> block the main thread. .. that are the rules of glib-based code, which
> makes code tricky/ugly, and full of callbacks :-(.


> You can't just do write("AT+PLEASE_DO_THIS_COMMAND_FOR_ME"). You need
> to test if the device is ready for writing... But yes, buffering could
> be simplified, because we know we are writing full packets. (And we
> need to write full packets, motchat may not get that right).
> So yes, this probably can be improved, but be aware of the dragons,
> and be warned that this is in some aspects more low level than kernel
> (due to lack of threads).

OK yeah and we probably want to use the generic parsing still
for the values. Might be worth posting some RFC patches to the
ofono list so we get some feedback how this should be implemented.