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Author: Tony Lindgren
To: Merlijn Wajer
CC: Pavel Machek, maemo-leste, nekit1000, martin_rysavy, mpartap, sre, Ivan J.
Subject: Re: [maemo-leste] Grand plan to get make phones... phone (for Motorola Droid 4)
* Merlijn Wajer <merlijn@???> [200510 10:48]:
> On 10/05/2020 05:41, Tony Lindgren wrote:
> > Should we just rename the old ofono hacks to something like ofono-motmdm
> > until it's no longer needed with the v5.6 kernel? There's probably no
> > reason to try to support both the old and new interfaces in ofono as the
> > old interface won't get merged upstream for kernel or for ofono.
> I think there is no reason to support the old code if we have something
> that we want to use going forward, so I would build the latest ofono
> with patches, and the kernel linked below, and push that to -devel. Once
> we're happy with that, we can push that to non-devel as well.


> > Also there are changes are needed for udev to set the permissions,
> > I'm using these now, not sure if there's a better way for these
> > individual gsmtty* entries:
> >
> > KERNEL=="gsmtty1", GROUP="dialout", MODE="0660"
> > KERNEL=="gsmtty3", GROUP="dialout", MODE="0660"
> > KERNEL=="gsmtty5", GROUP="dialout", MODE="0660"
> > KERNEL=="gsmtty6", GROUP="dialout", MODE="0660"
> > KERNEL=="gsmtty7", GROUP="dialout", MODE="0660"
> > KERNEL=="gsmtty8", GROUP="dialout", MODE="0660"
> > KERNEL=="gsmtty9", GROUP="dialout", MODE="0660"
> > KERNEL=="gsmtty10", GROUP="dialout", MODE="0660"
> > KERNEL=="gsmtty11", GROUP="dialout", MODE="0660"
> > KERNEL=="gsmtty12", GROUP="dialout", MODE="0660"
> >
> > # legacy motmdm interface
> > #SUBSYSTEMS=="motmdm", GROUP="dialout", MODE="0660"
> >
> > SUBSYSTEMS=="gnss", GROUP="root", MODE="0644"
> >
> > # Pavel's ofono branch still needs this I belive
> > KERNEL=="motmdm1", ENV{OFONO_DRIVER}="motmdm"
> >
> > # mdm6600 needs autoidle enabled, otherwise ohci will block deeper pm states for soc
> > ACTION=="add", SUBSYSTEM=="usb", ATTRS{idVendor}=="22b8", ATTRS{idProduct}=="2a70", TEST=="power/control" ATTR{power/control}="auto"
> I guess we should just start adding these to our ofono package at this
> point.

Yes it makes sense to add those to ofono package.

Starting with v5.7-rc1, we now also must detach the kernel serial
console via sysfs for PM to happen. We changed this with kernel commit
a3cb39d258ef ("serial: core: Allow detach and attach serial device
for console") to simplify kernel PM.

I just pushed out update droid4-pm script that does that: