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Author: RIccardo Mottola
To: Steve Litt, dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] Waterfox issues under Devuan ASCII

On 08/05/2020 22:34, Steve Litt wrote:
> Arctic fox is a fork of PaleMoon. This is a good thing, because I and a
> whole bunch of people dropped PaleMoon when PaleMoon's "executives"
> issued lawyer threats to the OpenBSD project.

rest assured, no such restrictions for Arctic Fox.

We offer no guarantee, take it as it is, so no worries that the build
doesn't follow official guidelines regarding configuration, libraries
etc. If it doesn't work, you are on your own though...

It's liberal and open... if nobody gets nasty or has claims.

> However, it looks like Arcticfox isn't available for just plain amd64
> Linux. All sorts of Mac, Windows, even Linux on Power PC, but no Linux
> on Wintel type platforms. Please let us know when it's available for
> Linux on amd64 or even i686.

Sorry, perhaps I wasn't clear - it is working there. I develop and test
continuously on Devuam/amd64

The fact that other, less-mainstream platforms are mentioned is an add
on since we try to support them, but i jumped it into this browser
thread right because it works well on Devuan.

It works on i686 too - except on older ones without SSE2/SSE3 (although
I'd like to support them)

Example configuration files are shipped.

It was mentioned in the latter part, where I asked for help and people
knowing their way in the gecko code, maybe you skipped it! :)