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Author: grarpamp
To: unsystem
Subject: Re: [unSYSTEM] Italian Villas for $1
On 5/6/20, Caleb James DeLisle <cjd@???> wrote:
> The Free State Project people did this in New Hampshire

For the US area it was probably a good choice of state,
but they're still going to need a lot more people,
work, and dedication to pull off a free state in their
lifetime. And its winter tends to kill some peoples
notions of sustaining crops, solar power, etc.

> However I'm not sure how good the rule of law situation is in Italy.

Might depend on if you're building a free anarchist region, or just
visiting a disposable $1 + minimal rehab villa on typical holiday.

> Typically the malaise of the 3rd world

Given the situations in the 1st, many would hardly consider
such locations or terminology a negative thing.
Consider it the 3rd set inline to potentially evolve into
something different, new, and interesting.

> is paralyzing bureaucracy

Often only a small handful of people are the ones really
running many of the smaller 3rds, sustained through their
messaging of political propaganda same as any other

> opportunities to engage corrupt officials.

Bribing them to retire could be efficient and fast way of making
room to stand up a school of voluntaryism in their place, even
easier when they see how that might raise their own life, and remove
their stress of death from revolt, rulers also tend to be typically
older people, so ply them with good healthcare too.
Crypto is trying to reach the levels needed for some action like that.

The rest of residents of some places are often mostly liking to
just live for food, family, some work/biz, peace love and
and being free. No archy would be just fine by all of them.

> Mafia stories have been the stuff of a whole lot of ink and film,
> but who knows exactly how it stacks up vs other countries.

Violent thugs are a problem everywhere.
Consider self defense and social means.

> I do think with the current economic situation, there are probably some very
> interesting real estate opportunities out there...

Bulk, allodial, friendly, arable, cheap... lucky to find more than one element.

Maybe try to convert the DPRK, they're already into crypto...
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dAJLJRRJY3E Potcoin infiltrated US
national tv, lol.