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Author: Felipe Schmidt Fonseca
To: Bricolabs
Subject: [Bricolabs] Research study on repair/reuse - recruiting participants in the UK
Hey all,

In developing my research project here in Dundee, I will be conducting two studies, and would love if any of you could help me find suitable participants for either (or both). The only restriction is that they need to be adults and based in the UK. They are:

- Repair Journey: participants will be asked to pick one object that is either broken, malfunctioning or inadequate, and spend two weeks working on a diary of that object as they try to repair, repurpose or make it valuable in any sense. It can be an object they currently have, or even an experience they had in the past. The main idea is to explore how value is assessed, what are the obstacles and discoveries, and how could cities help society make a better use of available materials. No experience required ;)

- Ecosystem Mapping: I want to interview people actively engaged with different settings operating in the fields of reuse, repair, transformation of matter. Repair shops, tailors, waste collection, sorting of recyclables, makerspaces, hardware stores, and so on. Any suggestions are welcome.

Thanks everyone for your time on that.