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Author: Pali Rohár
To: u-boot
CC: Tom Rini, Simon Glass, Adam Ford, Tony Lindgren, Merlijn Wajer, Arthur D., Pavel Machek, Ivaylo Dimitrov, maemo-leste
Old-Topics: [maemo-leste] [PATCH 00/11] Fixes for Nokia RX-51
Subject: [maemo-leste] [PATCH 11/11] Nokia RX-51: Add automated test for running RX-51 build in qemu
This patch contains a script which automatically download and compile all
needed tools to build a simple MTD images for booting Maemo kernel image by
U-Boot from RAM, eMMC and OneNAND. MTD images are then run in virtual n900
machine provided by qemu-linaro project.

It can be used to check that U-Boot for Nokia N900 is not broken and can be
successfully booted in emulator.

Script is registered in to .travis.yml so it would be automatically run on
Travi CI service.

Signed-off-by: Pali Rohár <pali@???>
 .travis.yml       |  10 +++
 test/rx51_test.sh | 208 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 2 files changed, 218 insertions(+)
 create mode 100755 test/rx51_test.sh

diff --git a/.travis.yml b/.travis.yml
index c59bd7790b..d96811473c 100644
--- a/.travis.yml
+++ b/.travis.yml
@@ -40,6 +40,8 @@ addons:
     - clang-7
     - srecord
     - graphviz
+    - mtools
+    - mtd-utils

  # Clone uboot-test-hooks
@@ -116,6 +118,11 @@ script:
  # Comments must be outside the command strings below, or the Travis parser
  # will get confused.
+ # Run tests for Nokia RX-51 (aka N900)
+ - if [[ -n "${NOKIA_RX51}" ]]; then
+     test/rx51_test.sh
+     exit $?;
+   fi
  # From buildman, exit code 129 means warnings only.  If we've been asked to
  # use clang only do one configuration.
  - if [[ "${BUILDMAN}" != "" ]]; then
@@ -160,6 +167,9 @@ matrix:
   # we need to build by vendor due to 50min time limit for builds
   # each env setting here is a dedicated build
+    - name: "nokia rx51"
+      env:
+        - NOKIA_RX51=1
     - name: "buildman arc"
         - BUILDMAN="arc"
diff --git a/test/rx51_test.sh b/test/rx51_test.sh
new file mode 100755
index 0000000000..43ecc07c08
--- /dev/null
+++ b/test/rx51_test.sh
@@ -0,0 +1,208 @@
+#!/bin/sh -e
+# SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0+
+# (C) 2020 Pali Rohár <pali@???>
+# This test script depends on external tools:
+# wget git truncate tar dpkg dd mcopy (from mtools) mkfs.ubifs (from mtd-utils) ubinize (from mtd-utils)
+# Download and compile linaro version qemu which has support for n900 machine
+# Last working commit is 8f8d8e0796efe1a6f34cdd83fb798f3c41217ec1
+if ! test -f qemu-system-arm; then
+    test -d qemu-linaro || git clone https://git.linaro.org/qemu/qemu-linaro.git
+    cd qemu-linaro
+    git checkout 8f8d8e0796efe1a6f34cdd83fb798f3c41217ec1
+    ./configure --enable-system --target-list=arm-softmmu --disable-sdl --disable-gtk --disable-curses --audio-drv-list=pa,alsa --audio-card-list= --disable-werror --disable-xen --disable-xen-pci-passthrough --disable-brlapi --disable-vnc --disable-curl --disable-slirp --disable-kvm --disable-user --disable-linux-user --disable-bsd-user --disable-guest-base --disable-uuid --disable-vde --disable-linux-aio --disable-cap-ng --disable-attr --disable-blobs --disable-docs --disable-spice --disable-libiscsi --disable-smartcard-nss --disable-usb-redir --disable-guest-agent --disable-seccomp --disable-glusterfs --disable-nptl --disable-fdt
+    make -j4
+    cd ..
+    ln -s qemu-linaro/arm-softmmu/qemu-system-arm .
+# Download and compile dosfstools with mbr support
+# Currently this support is in open pull request 95
+if ! test -f mkfs.fat; then
+    test -d dosfstools || git clone https://github.com/dosfstools/dosfstools.git
+    cd dosfstools
+    git fetch origin refs/pull/95/head
+    git checkout FETCH_HEAD
+    ./autogen.sh
+    ./configure
+    make -j4
+    cd ..
+    ln -s dosfstools/src/mkfs.fat .
+# Download qflasher and nolo images
+# This is proprietary qemu flasher tool with first stage images, but license allows non-commercial redistribution
+wget -c http://repository.maemo.org/qemu-n900/qemu-n900.tar.gz
+tar -xf qemu-n900.tar.gz
+# Download Maemo script u-boot-gen-combined
+if ! test -f u-boot-gen-combined; then
+    test -d u-boot-maemo || git clone https://github.com/pali/u-boot-maemo.git
+    chmod +x u-boot-maemo/debian/u-boot-gen-combined
+    ln -s u-boot-maemo/debian/u-boot-gen-combined .
+# Download Maemo fiasco kernel
+wget -c http://repository.maemo.org/pool/maemo5.0/free/k/kernel/kernel_2.6.28-20103103+0m5_armel.deb
+dpkg -x kernel_2.6.28-20103103+0m5_armel.deb kernel_2.6.28
+# Download Maemo libc
+wget -c http://repository.maemo.org/pool/maemo5.0/free/g/glibc/libc6_2.5.1-1eglibc27+0m5_armel.deb
+dpkg -x libc6_2.5.1-1eglibc27+0m5_armel.deb libc6_2.5.1
+# Download Maemo busybox
+wget -c http://repository.maemo.org/pool/maemo5.0/free/b/busybox/busybox_1.10.2.legal-1osso30+0m5_armel.deb
+dpkg -x busybox_1.10.2.legal-1osso30+0m5_armel.deb busybox_1.10.2
+# Generate rootfs directory
+# WARNING: there is "sudo mknod" call for /dev/console
+mkdir -p rootfs
+mkdir -p rootfs/dev/
+mkdir -p rootfs/bin/
+mkdir -p rootfs/sbin/
+mkdir -p rootfs/lib/
+test -c rootfs/dev/console || sudo mknod rootfs/dev/console c 5 1
+cp -a busybox_1.10.2/bin/busybox rootfs/bin/
+cp -a libc6_2.5.1/lib/ld-linux.so.3 rootfs/lib/
+cp -a libc6_2.5.1/lib/ld-2.5.so rootfs/lib/
+cp -a libc6_2.5.1/lib/libc.so.6 rootfs/lib/
+cp -a libc6_2.5.1/lib/libc-2.5.so rootfs/lib/
+cp -a libc6_2.5.1/lib/libcrypt.so.1 rootfs/lib/
+cp -a libc6_2.5.1/lib/libcrypt-2.5.so rootfs/lib/
+test -f rootfs/bin/sh || ln -sf busybox rootfs/bin/sh
+test -f rootfs/sbin/poweroff || ln -sf ../bin/busybox rootfs/sbin/poweroff
+cat > rootfs/sbin/preinit << EOF
+echo "Successfully booted"
+/sbin/poweroff -f
+chmod +x rootfs/sbin/preinit
+# Generate bootmenu for eMMC booting
+cat > bootmenu_emmc << EOF
+setenv bootmenu_0 'uImage-2.6.28-omap1 from eMMC=setenv mmcnum 1; setenv mmcpart 1; setenv mmctype fat; setenv bootargs; setenv setup_omap_atag 1; setenv mmckernfile uImage-2.6.28-omap1; run trymmckernboot';
+setenv bootmenu_1;
+setenv bootmenu_delay 1;
+setenv bootdelay 1;
+./mkimage -A arm -O linux -T script -C none -a 0 -e 0 -n bootmenu -d bootmenu_emmc bootmenu_emmc.scr
+# Generate bootmenu for OneNAND booting
+# FIXME: is address, size and offset really correct?
+cat > bootmenu_nand << EOF
+setenv bootmenu_0 'uImage-2.6.28-omap1 from OneNAND=mtd read initfs \${kernaddr} 0x800 0x1FF800; setenv bootargs; setenv setup_omap_atag 1; bootm \${kernaddr}';
+setenv bootmenu_1;
+setenv bootmenu_delay 1;
+setenv bootdelay 1;
+./mkimage -A arm -O linux -T script -C none -a 0 -e 0 -n bootmenu -d bootmenu_nand bootmenu_nand.scr
+# Generate ubi config file for ubi rootfs image
+cat > ubi.ini << EOF
+# Generate combined image from u-boot and Maemo fiasco kernel
+dd if=kernel_2.6.28/boot/zImage-2.6.28-20103103+0m5.fiasco of=zImage-2.6.28-omap1 skip=95 bs=1
+./mkimage -A arm -O linux -T kernel -C none -a 80008000 -e 80008000 -n zImage-2.6.28-omap1 -d zImage-2.6.28-omap1 uImage-2.6.28-omap1
+./u-boot-gen-combined u-boot.bin uImage-2.6.28-omap1 combined.bin
+# Generate combined hack image from u-boot and Maemo fiasco kernel (kernel starts at 2MB offset)
+cp u-boot.bin combined_hack.bin
+dd if=uImage-2.6.28-omap1 of=combined_hack.bin bs=1024 seek=2048
+# Generate ubi rootfs image from rootfs directory
+/usr/sbin/mkfs.ubifs -m 2048 -e 129024 -c 2047 -r rootfs ubifs.img
+/usr/sbin/ubinize -o ubi.img -p 128KiB -m 2048 -s 512 ubi.ini
+# Generate FAT32 eMMC image for eMMC booting
+truncate -s 50MiB emmc_emmc.img
+./mkfs.fat --mbr -F32 emmc_emmc.img
+mcopy uImage-2.6.28-omap1 ::/uImage-2.6.28-omap1 -i emmc_emmc.img
+mcopy bootmenu_emmc.scr ::/bootmenu.scr -i emmc_emmc.img
+# Generate FAT32 eMMC image for OneNAND booting
+truncate -s 50MiB emmc_nand.img
+./mkfs.fat --mbr -F32 emmc_nand.img
+mcopy bootmenu_nand.scr ::/bootmenu.scr -i emmc_nand.img
+# Generate MTD image for RAM booting from bootloader nolo images, compiled image and rootfs image
+rm -f mtd_ram.img
+./qflasher -v -x xloader-qemu.bin -s secondary-qemu.bin -k combined.bin -r ubi.img -m rx51 -o mtd_ram.img
+# Generate MTD image for eMMC booting from bootloader nolo images, u-boot image and rootfs image
+rm -f mtd_emmc.img
+./qflasher -v -x xloader-qemu.bin -s secondary-qemu.bin -k u-boot.bin -r ubi.img -m rx51 -o mtd_emmc.img
+# Generate MTD image for OneNAND booting from bootloader nolo images, combined hacked image and rootfs image
+# Kernel image is put into initfs area, but qflasher reject to copy kernel image into initfs area because it does not have initfs signature
+# This is hack to workaround this problem, tell qflasher that kernel area for u-boot is bigger and put big combined hacked image (u-boot + kernel with correct offset)
+rm -f mtd_nand.img
+./qflasher -v -x xloader-qemu.bin -s secondary-qemu.bin -k combined_hack.bin -r ubi.img -m rx51 -p k=4094,i=2 -o mtd_nand.img
+echo "All images were successfully generated"
+echo "Now going to run them in qemu"
+# Run MTD image in qemu and wait for 300s if kernel from RAM is correctly booted
+rm -f qemu_ram.log
+./qemu-system-arm -M n900 -mtdblock mtd_ram.img -serial /dev/stdout -display none > qemu_ram.log &
+tail -F qemu_ram.log &
+{ sleep 300 || true; kill -9 $qemu_pid $tail_pid 2>/dev/null || true; } &
+wait $qemu_pid || true
+kill -9 $tail_pid $sleep_pid 2>/dev/null || true
+# Run MTD image in qemu and wait for 300s if kernel from eMMC is correctly booted
+rm -f qemu_emmc.log
+./qemu-system-arm -M n900 -mtdblock mtd_emmc.img -sd emmc_emmc.img -serial /dev/stdout -display none > qemu_emmc.log &
+tail -F qemu_emmc.log &
+{ sleep 300 || true; kill -9 $qemu_pid $tail_pid 2>/dev/null || true; } &
+wait $qemu_pid || true
+kill -9 $tail_pid $sleep_pid 2>/dev/null || true
+# Run MTD image in qemu and wait for 300s if kernel from OneNAND is correctly booted
+rm -f qemu_nand.log
+./qemu-system-arm -M n900 -mtdblock mtd_nand.img -sd emmc_nand.img -serial /dev/stdout -display none > qemu_nand.log &
+tail -F qemu_nand.log &
+{ sleep 300 || true; kill -9 $qemu_pid $tail_pid 2>/dev/null || true; } &
+wait $qemu_pid || true
+kill -9 $tail_pid $sleep_pid 2>/dev/null || true
+if grep -q 'Successfully booted' qemu_ram.log; then echo "Kernel was successfully booted from RAM"; else echo "Failed to boot kernel from RAM"; fi
+if grep -q 'Successfully booted' qemu_emmc.log; then echo "Kernel was successfully booted from eMMC"; else echo "Failed to boot kernel from eMMC"; fi
+if grep -q 'Successfully booted' qemu_nand.log; then echo "Kernel was successfully booted from OneNAND"; else echo "Failed to boot kernel from OneNAND"; fi
+if grep -q 'Successfully booted' qemu_ram.log && grep -q 'Successfully booted' qemu_emmc.log && grep -q 'Successfully booted' qemu_nand.log; then
+    echo "All tests passed"
+    exit 0
+    echo "Some tests failed"
+    exit 1