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Author: Felipe Schmidt Fonseca
To: Bricolabs
Subject: [Bricolabs] Repair Diaries - Saturday 4/4
Hi, everyone. As part of my ongoing research, I’m organising a meeting for this Saturday. It was initially supposed to be a gathering here in Dundee, but on the bright side of the current situation it turns out I’ll be able to invite people from anywhere in the world to join in. It will consist of a presentation of past projects involving reuse, repair and repurposing of materials, then an open discussion with anyone interested in these themes. Finally, I will be recruiting people based in the UK for a research study I’ll be conducting in the following weeks.

Please help share this page <https://opendott.org/repair-diaries/> where I’ll add more details, and if you are interested sign up here <https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-repair-diaries-tickets-99010971481> so I can estimate the attendance.