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Author: psy
To: System undo crew
Subject: [unSYSTEM] Richard Stallman: Don’t watch TV coverage of Covid-19!
"Don't watch TV coverage of Covid-19! (Or "social media"; the details
are different.) Watching repetitive coverage of something frightening
can interfere with clear thinking, even traumatize people.

TV news coverage of a crisis struggles to fill 24 hours a day with
"information", notwithstanding the fact that the actual flow of new
information about the crisis is nowhere near sufficient to fill that
time. What do they do? They repeat. They present tangential and minor
details. They make the same points in different ways. They belabor the
obvious. They repeat.

If your goal is to be informed, you don't need to dwell on the crisis
for hours every day. Not even one hour a day. Getting your news in this
inefficient matter will waste a lot of time — and worse."