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Author: eden@gal3
To: unsystem
Subject: [unSYSTEM] ADMIN: Attempting to resend

I sent a message to the list but it was bounced... Here's another
attempt ->

Subject: ADMIN: I'm letting this message go through.

Actually, i'm copying this message's contents here. The message was
flagged because it was from someone not subscribed to the list, or at
least not with this email address. Nevertheless, it is timely and
on-topic. So, i'm rejecting the message, which will inform the sender to
send correctly. But here's the contents:

From: Hannah O'Rourke <hannah.orourke@???>
Subject: Corona Virus Tech Handbook: Organising Tech Response

Hi all! Hope you're all safe and isolated - I found this, seems to be
the best resource for organising efforts around Corona virus:
www.coronavirustechhandbook.com [ADMIN: i removed the link with tracking.]

All the data and graphs you could ever want, tips for remote working,
tools for organising mutual aid groups, and crowdsourced specialist
advice for doctors, teachers, charities, all kinds of things. Have a look.

eden, ADMIN for unSYSTEM forum