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Author: Rick Moen
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] Anyone installed a jitsi server on Devuan?
Quoting Hendrik Boom (hendrik@???):

> Is jitsi the progrm that lets you use facebook messenger from a Linux box?

No. Jitsi Meet (the portion of the Jitsi suite in question) is a
server-end implementation of WebRTC that supports (using JavaScript)
SSL-encrypted videoconferencing from clients on many modern Web browsers
without any other client-end software. Client support is generic, and
not platform-dependent.

Jitsi Meet is an an open source Java program, requiring static IP and a fully
qualified domain name on the server end.


And this has nothing to do with Facebook Messenger, which is a Facebook,
Inc.-captive secret-sauce proprietary software ecosystem that doesn't
interoperate with other code (except for limited ability to graft on
compatible third-party 'apps' within Messenger). Facebook Messenger
also absolutely requires use of the walled-garden Facebook service.