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Author: Plasma
To: devuan-dev
Subject: [devuan-dev] Regarding libsystemd0 in Devuan
Originally from IRC:

<plasma41> fsmithred rrq: I have come to a conclusion as to why
libsystemd0 is included in a Debian bootstrap.
<plasma41> In Debian both the packages util-linux and bsdutils (both of
which come from src:util-linux, btw) are classified as Essential and
both depend on libsystemd0 (which is not Essential, but gets pulled in
as a dependency).
<plasma41> Devuan has forked versions of both of these packages with
the libsystemd0 dependency removed.
<plasma41> Unless there is something else depending on libsystemd0
there is no need to include it in the list of packages for a minbase
<plasma41> Furthermore, I propose we add libsystemd0 to the banned
packages list. Anywhere libelogind0 is unable to satisfy a dependency
on libsystemd0 should be considered a bug.

It's possible a transitional dummy package would be required for
seamless upgrades to Beowulf. I'm not sure.