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Author: John Crisp
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] Is anybody using Discord for virtual get-togethers in Devuan?
On 20/03/20 13:38, Steve Litt wrote:
> Is anybody using Discord in Devuan for virtual get-togethers?

Discord. Wouldn't touch it with a barge pole. Horrible spyware.

We use Rocket.Chat internally - it'll run on node or in a docker
container (I won't mention snaps...) -

It's a 'Open Source Slack alternative'


They are pretty good with their privacy - you can even run it
completely disconnected from the interwebs if required.

Not too heavy on hardware (depends on number of users !!!!)

It connects happily via jitsi for video conferencing - either use online
jitsi or host your own.

Think buried in that lot somewhere is screen sharing support too.

(You can also use Big Blue Button I think)

It also has a Livechat widget for your website so you can chat to
incoming visitors, and even conference with them too.

Still under heavy and rapid development, but not a bad piece of kit all
in all and worth a look.

No, I have no commercial involvement. I just have helped out on and off
for a few years.