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Author: atteqa
To: Patrice Riemens
CC: Bricolabs
New-Topics: [Bricolabs] Goodmorning,
Subject: Re: [Bricolabs] STWST48x6 MORE LESS open call

> On 21-Mar-2020, at 12:44 AM, Patrice Riemens <patrice@???> wrote:
> Hi Shu Lea, Atteqa and all bricos,
> I think the best we can do in these dramatic, but also opportunity-rife times is to be facilitators of an 'other life' after the crisis. And this is something we can do best by being example and inspiration. Many people are going to question the way of life they led before the Virus came ringing the doorbell. As a dispersed community, but a community nonetheless, of minds at last, we could explain, show, support and inform.
> But we should be modest in our practices and ambitions. One of the things the Virus teach us is slowing down. And turn outwards by turning inwards. Care for your family, your neighbours and care for your garden and your animals.
> Take care, and try to be happy. Let's hope for a new world to be born.
> Cheers to all from my strange birthplace!
> p+2D!
>> On 2020-03-18 08:40, atteqa@??? wrote:
>> Shu Lea,
>> I like your stand, it echoes a lot of what I believe in and have seen
>> to work in terms of inching forward and maybe changing some mind sets
>> as we go
>> I hope we get to meet one day and can collaborate
>> Atteqa
>> On 17-Mar-2020, at 6:53 PM, Shu Lea Cheang <shulea@???>
>> wrote:
>>> Dear Jean-Noël specificly and comrade Rob and Patrice... and the
>>> list!
>>> yeah, so let's talk about radical.... if MORE LESS, which meant for
>>> an observation of a state we are in, but not an
>>> action/attitude/stance we are promoting.
>>> You want "a call for radical events, projects, radical thinking,
>>> radical transformaking, ruptures."
>>> COVID-19 is radical, have all the scenarios for ruptures!
>>> tell me how to act DEEP? tell our community how to come together and
>>> dig deeper?
>>> tell me from Deep Europe to Deep Split, how we advance ourselevs? as
>>> a Brico community?
>>> Dont let me rub the leftist wet dream of radical-ISM.
>>> STWST (Stadtwerkstatt, http://stwst.at) celebrated its 40 years of
>>> existence as a free/open space... we take the association with ARS,
>>> we and ARS are voisine... we try to be friendly. we have our own
>>> independent operation, living off the fringe, hoping when ARS bring
>>> in the media elites, we can ask some swing by... for 6 years, we
>>> organize 48 hours during ARS, we got to hijack, i.e. jeromil, when
>>> he was invited by ARS to come smoothe with us a bit at our
>>> lab....ARS takes it's own course, the rich get richer. I have not
>>> need to go shut it down. i can only divert, infiltrate, nothing
>>> worthy of radical these days.
>>> jargons, jargons, we are left to 'eleborate' on jargons. global,
>>> local, decentralized... oh, dare me!!
>>> did u bother to check the web links?
>>> Stadtwerkstatt: Linz/Austria
>>> https://stwst.at
>>> All 48-Hours-Nonstop-Showcase-Extravanganzas:
>>> https://stwst48-all.stwst.at
>>> With All due respect, comrade bricolers!
>>> sl
>>> On 16.03.20 21:26, Jean-Noël Montagné wrote:
>>> hello all bricofolks,
>>> Excuse-me if I find this thema "more or less" very shy, and very
>>> conservative. The problem is not more or less capitalism, more or
>>> less regulation, more or less ecology. The problem is not how to
>>> repair or adapt capitalism, like suggests " More or Less" topic, but
>>> how to STOP this non-sense, how to change radically, in a peacefull
>>> way, the actual destructive global path, to go to a real sustainable
>>> new world, in the context of the climate changes/collapse and all
>>> side-effects.
>>> I would prefer instead a call for radical events, projects, radical
>>> thinking, radical transformaking, ruptures. We don't have a lot of
>>> time until things get uncontrolable, may be 10 years. If we don't
>>> act more deeply now, and invest in the good directions in this
>>> relative peacefull times, we will not have the possibility to do it
>>> during a deeper collapse.
>>> Ars Electronica has always been a business event for innovation,
>>> granted by transnational companies, and it appears more and more
>>> obscene to waste so much money for high-class attendees, with almost
>>> no effects on the rest of the world, excepting producing glossy
>>> paper catalogs for dusty shelves. Few kilometers close to Linz,
>>> hundred thousands of refugees wait in terror and despair.
>>> In my opinion, a good general topic for the september event could be
>>> " How to definitively close Ars electronica festival this year, and
>>> invent gatherings with real effects on people, global and local, in
>>> decentralized ways"
>>> cheers,
>>> JN
>>> Le 16/03/2020 à 13:14, Shu Lea Cheang a écrit :
>>> Dear Bricolabs
>>> At this viral time, we at STWST call out for proposal submission,
>>> MORE LESS...our 6 edition of 48 hour extravaganza taling place in
>>> september.
>>> In shut down mode, take care.
>>> sl
>>> 11-13th Sept 2020
>>> In the year 2020, STWST has developed the STWST48 theme for the
>>> disproportionately tilted worlds or excess and scarcity: STWST48x6
>>> With MORE and LESS we ask relevant questions about /more-or-less/
>>> situations, the non-equality areas, the counter-validity zones and
>>> the non-zero-sum games of the future.
>>> *MORE*
>>> Against the background of screaming imbalances, distribution
>>> struggles, scarcity of resources, ecological barriers, social
>>> issues, questions of access, fears of the future, attempts at
>>> redistribution, visions of self-restraint, precarious awareness,
>>> egalitarianism, hyper-progress, network fantasies, total
>>> surveillance, a scenery of the many against the few; the battle of
>>> avant-garde, critical mass and centre-extremists. In front of all
>>> these apparent and actual questions of more or less,we want to use
>>> STWST48x6 MORE LESS to focus on processes and projects that make a
>>> difference.
>>> *LESS*
>>> With processes and projects that make the difference, we want to
>>> take a look at the zones of art, nature, information, movement and
>>> sound. In doing so, we want to focus primarily on other networks,
>>> aesthetic strategies, autonomous policies and alternative
>>> metabolites that are driven by questions of more or less - and,
>>> above all, driven by OTHER, as a general other way of thinking. We
>>> are concerned with the individual and the many in larger systems and
>>> we are concerned with rational and irrational approaches to the all
>>> and nothing, in larger contexts of world, society and cosmos.
>>> Nothing less, and vice versa, in all directions.
>>> *SEND*
>>> Stadtwerkstatt is looking for local and international artists and
>>> critical producers of all fields, who can submit projects that are
>>> still in the process of development, but also finished projects.
>>> Submissions with a self-description, project description/project
>>> concept on a maximum of 5 pages untill 10th May 2020 to
>>> stwst48x6opencall@???
>>> The selected works will be shown in Stadtwerkstatt at STWST48x6 MORE
>>> LESS - a 48-hour non-stop showcase extravaganza of STWST from Sept.
>>> 11-13, held in cooperation with Ars Electronica.
>>> Stadtwerkstatt: Linz/Austria
>>> https://stwst.at
>>> All 48-Hours-Nonstop-Showcase-Extravanganzas:
>>> https://stwst48-all.stwst.at
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